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How to Download YouTube Videos

One-Click Video Downloads, Mobile Transfers, and Video File Converter.  Below is a step by step process showing you how to download videos, then save them in any format to transfer the videos to your external media players (Phones, Ipods, PSP, Zune, Xbox 360, PS3, MP3 player, or any other media player).

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Step 1: Start by clicking the orange "FREE Download" button. 

A new window will open, click on the Green Free Download button to start download process.

 Click Run or Save file

Step 2: Run the Install and Accept Terms.

Run Install

Step 3: After install is complete: Open a new browser window and go to  find a video you like, move your mouse over the upper right corner of the video, and "Download This Video" will appear.

Download Videos

Step 4: Once video is downloaded - Open Converter -- Find files to be converted -- Select file type -- Convert files  -- Then transfer to external device of choice.

Convert Videos to MP3 or other formats

Go to or your favorite videos site and start downloading the videos you like. After downloading watch your favorite videos or listen to your favorite music whenever and wherever you want - with or without an Internet connection! You can also convert: Videos to MP3, Videos to work with PSP, IPods, Zune, Xbox360, Blackberry, IPhone, works with MAC or PC.

*The software is offered from Real Player. YTVG did not create the software and we are not responsible for the video content that users download.  

YouTube to MP3 - YouTube Downloader - YouTube Video Converter - MP4, IPOD, Zune, PSP, MAC

YouTube Video Guide (YTVG) is a place where users can view the best of the best videos based on categories and subject relevance. 

YouTube Video Guide currently offers:

  • Top 25 - The 25 Most Watched Videos on you Tube! *No-Music-Vids*

  • Music - Billboard 100 Top Music Videos

  • TV - TV shows such as American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, & Britain's Got Talent.

  • Funny - Top Comedy Videos on YouTube - Stand up and Commercials

  • News - Associated Press YouTube News Videos

  • Sports - Top Sports Clips, NBA, NHL, and Fantasy Sports Girls!

  • Kids Vids - The Miley & Mandy Show and The Jonas Brothers

  • Animals - National Geographic Videos

  • FAQ - Frequently Asked "YTVG" Questions

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